Coming Soon Renderings

In The Works

Orchard Glen Self Storage will be a new storage facility in the Orchard Glen Apartment community located in Manassas. The design and simplicity of the building modules is cost-effective and appealing. It features linear movements, reduction of trim and windows, and a selection of building facade materials that are modern and easy to maintain.  

In the Works: Innovation Research 1

Our team has developed a conceptual building design for Innovation Research 1 located on Innovation Drive in Manassas. The main structural element is a mono-sloped building with a clear span for flexibility inside and a high ceiling if needed.  The entrance area would be conventionally framed. For the exterior design, our thoughts are to have an abstract feature of a molecule (the arc and red sphere) as the entrance identifier.  We are also breaking up the massing of the façade with a metal mesh application.  This is a less costly option versus modulating the actual building footprint and keeps the interior consistent. Along with the mesh, we are introducing an arced canopy to loosen the rigid building form.  We want this lit up at night to create a high tech look with the yellow “binary” pattern.  These could be LED lit panels, windows, or painted panels.  We like the idea of a mix of LED panels and windows, depending on the interior layout.  The curved panel begins to reveal its structural components, going from solid to ribbed.  We think this arc would continue on in the interior with a ceiling application and connect to the arc canopy on the opposite side of the building. As architects at Loveless Porter, this is the fun part of our job, collaborating with team members, having Charrettes, and creating something to present to the client and hoping they love it!

In the Works: Update-Innovation Research 1

Here is the updated plan and renderings for Innovation Research 1, a wet lab in Manassas. The changes were based on a charrette, where team designers collectively comment on the preliminary design and the lead designer applies these recommendations.  It makes for a collaborative design approach and opportunity to think of details you may not have.

In the Works: Zandra’s Taqueria in Manassas

We recently designed a space for the new Haymarket location of Zandra’s Taqueria. Now the Manassas location is getting a complete interior make over and rebuild to emulate what we did in Haymarket. We are also relocating the entry doors off of the street and into the alley with exterior and interior stairs leading to a rooftop bar.

In the Works: Escape Salon and Spa

Escape Salon and Spa will be building a new stand-alone structure just outside their current location. The new building will be twice as big as the existing building and have a highly designed interior to create a fresh look. This project is currently underway. 

In the Works: Transform Power Yoga

This is a yoga studio located in Haymarket with natural materials, warm colors, and an organic design and feel.  It will be constructed in two phases and offer a large yoga studio, steam and sauna rooms, a juice bar that will be open to the public, and a casual seating area.  Around the building will be places of self-reflection, meditation, and intimate walking paths.  LPA has a great experience with the owners of this project and looks forward to the grand opening in late 2021.

In the Works: Karan Transport

This project is a pre-engineered building (PEMB) with classic architecture applied to it.  This building will be used for tractor-trailer maintenance. PEMB’s rigid steel buildings with an opportunity to apply architectural design to an otherwise plain façade.

Bristow Village

People in Bristow Village have a new amenity to look forward to, as progress continues on this welcoming space that will feature a two-story roof with terrace, elegant arches and awnings for visual interest. We will share more project details as we are able!