Office Buildings

Prince William Chamber of Commerce

After 13 years in the same building, the Prince William Chamber of Commerce — one of the Washington, DC region’s largest business associations — entrusted Loveless Porter Architects to design new headquarters to better meet the needs of this growing organization. The new offices will offer ground level entry in a larger space, along with improved accessibility and visibility. We are designing with flexibility in mind, so that Chamber staff can adapt their offices to accommodate a wide range of member events and activities.

Eastern Applicators

We were proud to have been the architect for the Eastern Applicators, Inc. complex in Manassas, Virginia. This new construction drywall and painting company partners with some of the nation’s largest homebuilders and general contractors in the DC/Metro area. Elements included in our architectural plans include: Warehouse space Conference and meeting rooms Offices Reception area With this blended use, we gave consideration to the streetscape appearance. The office building, with its brick facade and plentiful windows, is situated in front of the more utilitarian warehouse, making this more welcoming exterior the first impression for visitors.  

M&F Build: A New HQ for Returning Client

Loveless Porter is proud to be a “builder’s architect,” the firm construction companies trust with their own projects. M&F, a design/build firm in the Mid-Atlantic, is one such company. After outgrowing the original space LPA designed for the company when its focus was more narrow, M&F engaged our architectural services for an expansion. Working closely with the client, Loveless Porter designed a complex that will serve the next phase of growth for M&F, with a new headquarters, dispatch office, scale house, and decant facility. The offices feature modern, stylish finishes that complement the more industrial uses in the adjacent buildings. View the gallery to see how these concepts work together!

Northern Virginia Bioscience Center

Loveless Porter is proud to have been the architect of the Northern Virginia Bioscience Center, a 30,000 square foot wet lab in Innovation Park. Close to a brewery, event venues, restaurants, and scenic walking trails, this corporate research park is anchored by the George Mason University SciTech Campus. Other tenants include ATCC, Corning Mediatech, and the Prince William Science Accelerator. We designed the facility to handle research into cancer-causing agents, Lyme disease, pharmaceutical delivery, and other non-bio-hazard studies. This usage comes with rigorous requirements around mechanical, electrical, and plumbing needs, along with Biosafety Level II standards. We also added some flourishes with exterior materials, giving this high-tech building a signature design that speaks to the exciting work taking place inside. Bonus points if you can read the biomedical code that we integrated into the window design using dashes and squares. Multiple spec plans are available to accommodate tenants of all sizes, with labs starting at 980 square feet.          

Sparc Research

Grand Opening  LPA was hired to create a design for their new state-of-the-art research facility in Warrenton. The design concept was based on the historic manufacturing and factory building influenced by high-tech materials. The massing of the building has a hierarchical center feature with lower side elevations. The window details were derived from the old-fashioned wired glass with divided lights. The material color changes also identify the different interior uses of office spaces and manufacturing and test uses. SPARC Research was founded in 2018 to advance the state-of-the-art in rocket and airbreathing technology development, preliminary design, and prototype demonstration using modern Multiphysics modeling tools. With over 325 years of combined experience in rocket propulsion, SPARC’s personnel create relationships with customers built on trust. Working with established propulsion suppliers, prime contractors, and Government laboratories to provide unique design solutions to demanding propulsion requirements, SPARC Research provides an unbiased technical analysis and design solution that the customer can count on. SPARC Research      

Church and South

Church and South is a new project we are working on. This is a development of a mixed-use building addition to a single-family home currently used as office space.  This project is currently going through the Architectural Review Process.        

Innovative Exoskeleton Adds New Floors to Historic Pace West Building

This project allows us to take something old and make it new again, as we help to transform the old Pace West building on John Marshall Highway in Haymarket, Virginia, into office condo and restaurant space. Rather than demolish the building, which opened as Gainesville Elementary School in 1935, or expand outwards, which would mean the loss of youth sports fields, our plan calls for building an exoskeleton around the historic building. The project will add two floors and an open roof top with mountain views, while making use of existing resources and preserving historic architectural elements. Read more about this innovative project.

Bristow Village

People in Bristow Village have a new amenity to look forward to. As progress continues, this welcoming space will feature a two-story roof with a terrace, elegant arches, and awnings for visual interest. We will share more project details as we are able!