Harris Building II

Harris Building II


We designed an exciting new mixed-use building that will be an addition to the existing Harris Building I and contribute to the growing vibrancy of historic Old Town Manassas. The building has been designed to be compatible with the historical, cultural and architectural aspects of its surroundings and close consideration has been given to the Historic District Design Guidelines.

We designed this building with a clean and elegant contemporary aesthetic that will complement and enhance the beauty, significance, and value of the adjacent historic structures as well as the entire downtown urban fabric. The building as proposed will provide no separation between existing buildings and no setback to maintain a continuous street wall that will enhance the pedestrian experience.

The traditional material of brick will be used in contemporary fashion by the careful selection of a dark red, neutral gray and natural white. The dark red brick has been selected for the left module to quietly and elegantly complement the mid-tone red of the adjacent building, The Bone Restaurant.

The white brick for the right module will create a stark contrast between the existing Harris Building and the new addition while matching the adjacent white windows, trim and cornice. The center module will be a neutral, mid-toned and earthy gray that will contribute the overall contemporary feel of the entire composition as will the dark, varying proportioned windows, and the dark awnings, trim and cornices.

Awnings, recessed balconies, transparent railings, potential planters, lighting, and other details yet to be designed will create a lively and intimate urban experience.