Harris Building II: From Vacant Lot to Vibrant Mixed-Use

Loveless Porter was selected to transform a long-vacant lot into a vibrant, mixed-use project in Downtown Manassas, Virginia, just 30 minutes from Washington, DC. Located steps from a Virginia Railway Express and Amtrak station, this transit-oriented project delivers four above-grade levels of residential (16 apartment units) and retail space, contributing to the vibrancy of this Northern Virginia neighborhood. We created an architectural design compatible with the project’s surroundings’ historical, cultural, and architectural aspects, closely considering Historic District Design Guidelines. Our architectural design features a clean and elegant contemporary aesthetic that will complement and enhance the beauty, significance, and value of the adjacent historic structures as well as the entire downtown urban fabric. We proposed that the building provide no separation between pre-existing adjacent buildings and no setback, to maintain a continuous street wall that will enhance the pedestrian experience. Brick, a traditional material, is used in a contemporary fashion with a mix of dark red, neutral gray, and natural white tones. The dark red brick in the left module is meant to quietly complement the mid-tone red of the adjacent building, home to The Bone restaurant. The white brick for the right module creates a stark contrast between the existing Harris Building and the new addition while matching the adjacent white windows, trim, and cornice. The center module is a neutral, mid-toned, and earthy gray that contributes to the overall contemporary feel of the entire composition, as does the dark-framed, varying proportioned windows, and the dark awnings, trim, and cornices. […]