Sean Porter was supportive of our vision. He made sure it met code, recommended engineering consultants, and was very helpful with everything we asked. He helped greatly in getting Sinistral Brewing open for business by making sure the process with the city kept moving; he kept the ball rolling.

Blane Perry, Sinistral Brewing Company March 8, 2018

I would say the biggest thing that set you apart from the other bidders was your knowledge and ideas you shared with us in the sit-down interview. Also your current clients said good things about you. Your price was also competitive.

Rick DiGeronimo, Independence Excavating Inc. November 6, 2017

“Sean Porter was hands-on and very knowledgeable about [the Northern Virginia] market. Sean really took the time out to help us understand building codes and permitting. He was instrumental in getting us through the process.

These restaurants have a warmer feel. I worked with Loveless Porter to come at the design from a customer perspective, to enhance their experience. Sean was able to see what we had and where we were going. Customers will enjoy the food and the atmosphere that we have created for them.”

Mike Sarago Sarago Group Holdings/Sweeto Burrito Virginia May 24, 2017

Greg and I enjoyed working with you on our project very much so. You, as architect and construction manager, did a fantastic job on the whole project. Its been a real pleasure getting to know you. We hope to continue to get to know you and see you in the future.  Its unfortunate but its not too often that one meets and has the opportunities to form relationships with people who are reliable and have integrity. So, thank you!

Lisa and Greg O'brien Owners Goddard @ Gainseville November 18, 2016

I just wanted to send you a quick letter to let you know how highly we regard your services here at GSI. The drawings always turn out perfect, and in record time. The time and energy you put forth helping our franchise owners get their projects started on the right foot shows and is appreciated.
If you ever see the need arise for a professional recommendation, feel free to have the person contact me directly.

Thanks for all your hard work,

Rick Griffith
Project Manager
Goddard Systems Inc.

Goddard Schools Project Manager October 28, 2016


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