Board Game Tavern Makes it to the Finish Line

The Challenge: “Think Dave & Busters, unplugged,” said John Hornberger, a lifelong board game aficionado, of his concept for Crossroads Tabletop Tavern in Historic Downtown Manassas.  He chose a design firm to create the space he envisioned, with varied, colorful dining sections and a “wow factor” wall showcasing over 1,400 board and card games. Unfortunately, the firm mistakenly did not pull permits, failed to provide the team they had promised and provided unusable design drawings. The freelance architect John hired to correct the situation was unable to get the plans stamped by city officials, and time was running out. With only two weeks of funding left before his dream would come to a screeching halt, John turned to Loveless Porter Architects.

The Solution: Sensing the urgency, Sean Porter pulled an all nighter to design new plans. He then worked with city officials to address compliance issues and facilitate the permitting process. His relationships in Manassas meant that he knew which questions to ask and pitfalls to avoid. “It helped that Sean is very local, and knows exactly what Manassas needs,” said John. Within a week of hiring Loveless Porter, Crossroads was open for business.        

The Result: John’s dream of creating a space where people could bond over made-from-scratch food and an abundance of board games old and new has been realized: Crossroads is already one of the hottest spots in Manassas. Servers double as guides who can help patrons select games to play onsite or to purchase, and the restaurant is full of people and laughter on any given evening. “Sean was there when I needed him, even though I had very limited time and money,” said John. “He was authentic, gave my dream a chance and charged a fair price. I’m looking forward to working with Loveless Porter again as I continue to upgrade this space with the features and special touches that make it so fun and interesting.”