Distillery Expansion Triples Production

Rapid growth along with expansion grants from Virginia and the City of Manassas put KO Distilling in an unusual position for a relatively new distillery: It was ready to triple production. Central to this plan was the addition of a 30-foot high, 12-inch diameter column still. KO once again contracted Loveless Porter, the original architect. Sean Porter recommended strategically opening the roof so as not to disturb its integrity, adding a “dog house” that would create vertical space–and visual interest. It was also the most economical solution from a construction standpoint.

Completed in late 2017, the expansion also accommodated six 1,000-gallon fermentation tanks; a 1,000-gallon Vendome mash tun; a higher capacity boiler and chiller system and larger grain silos, allowing KO to increase production from 225 barrels a year to 800.  “Our new column still enables continuous distillation, and as a result, we will be able to produce more and keep up with the increasing demand for our award-winning portfolio,” said KO President and Head Distiller John O’Mara. 

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