Do You Really Need an Architect?

You may not need an architect for your project. If you answer yes to any of the following questions below, then you may need to hire an architect:

  • Do you need a drawing for bank financing, construction requirements, or subcontractors to complete your project?
  • Do you require a permit for your project?
  • Do you need help designing your project?
  • Do specific areas of your project require an architect’s seal?
  • Is the project commercial or residential? Each has differing requirements.
  • Are there special structural considerations, such as concrete foundations, steel roof-decks, multiple levels, etc.?
  • Do you want to maintain or improve the value of the project?

Architect’s Seal Requirement

Depending on your municipality, a licensed architect may be required to place his or her stamp, or seal, on your plans. The seal asserts that the person doing the architectural work is a legally licensed architect. In most places, residential projects do not require an architect, whereas some commercial projects do, depending on specific conditions. Check with the state and local department that regulates architect licensing for requirements specific to your area.

If your project is in an area with specific requirements due to seismic activity, high winds, steep slopes, or certain coastal conditions, the seal shows that the architect’s plans are suitable.

Here at LPA, we are familiar with local jurisdiction requirements. We will tell you whether you need us in an effort to save you money on fees, but regardless, we are here to consult and advise as you need us.

We Can Help!

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