8 Tips for a Successful Remodel

Most of our work is commercial: Loveless Porter Architects has helped nationally franchised gyms, restaurants and daycare centers, as well as locally-owned distillers and other entrepreneurs, design spaces that blend function and form. Now, we are sharing a few “pro tips” that homeowners can apply on smaller scale. Because your dream kitchen remodel deserves good planning, too. Happy renovating!

  1. Choose classic over trendy; what are the design elements that will resonate with you, for the long term?
  2. Quality flooring is worth every penny; add value through durability and resale potential, not by getting the cheapest product
  3. Heat pump water heaters can reduce energy costs by up to 50%
  4. Vaulted ceilings can prevent water damage in winter and make rooms feel larger
  5. Varied ceiling heights, half-walls, islands, skylights and other architectural elements can be used to define zones while maintaining an open floor plan
  6. East facing windows maximize sunlight (Building a new home? Consider making solar passive part of the design process)
  7. Give thought to device and appliance usage, planning for where you will need electrical and USB outlets, proper wiring, etc.
  8. Work with county/city permitting from the beginning. It is better to be told “no” early on than to retrofit or worse yet, dismantle, your work.