In The Works: Submissions Ministries

Submission Ministries is a church community in Gainesville, Virginia devoted to advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Established in September of 2013, the church is pastored by Zack Lam, Jake Womack, and Zeke Lam. The vision and church name center around a passage of scripture from Romans 6:15-19 which speaks regarding the freedom offered to all who submit their lives to the leading of Jesus Christ.

They began in a basement, then a storefront on Rt. 29, and back again in a home. Currently, Loveless Porter is working on the plans for the Submission Ministries Worship Center! “The task has been one of refinement and testing. We experienced tremendous favor to acquire the property, but getting plans drawn and our vision onto paper was turning out to be a much more difficult process than we expected. Then we met Sean Porter! His team at Loveless Porter Architects has been a true breath of fresh air. To say they have been accommodating is such an understatement. They have treated us more like a part of their family!”

Loveless Porter Architects supports a number of local nonprofit organizations, including Submission Ministries through their Community Builder program.

“With the Community Builder program, we partner with a deserving organization to provide pro bono or deeply discounted consulting and design services,” said Porter. We will be excited to share more information about Submissions Ministries and their future building as it progresses!