BrightCare Center and Escape Salon

Two New Projects Coming Soon From Loveless Porter Architects

Escape Day Spa

Escape Day Spa is a full-service spa featuring top-notch spa technicians. Escape will be relocating to a new standalone 6400 SF building located on Hoadly Road in the Harris Teeter center in Manassas. This is a prominent location in the center and has sensitive requirements and proffers to maintain.

The building will be larger than the current one and have four fronts, making design an important consideration. Like working in a glass bubble, having four fronts creates difficult design considerations for the incoming utilities, service and rain collection typically found on the rear façade.

Completion date: Spring 2020

BrightCare Center

BrightCare Center is a family-oriented social and medical-based child and adult day care program in Manassas, which combines on-site activities as well as weekly community outings to promote independence and foster engagement in the lives of persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The new building will be about 12,000 SF and designed to facilitate various functions within its surroundings, both in the interior and exterior. The planned design is an open communal concept with smaller “pod” areas for more intimate interaction. The exterior is designed for a comfortable, homey feel, but with the size and scale of the needed square footage.

Completion date: Fall 2020