Staff Spotlight: Colgan Grad Janya Choudary Joins LPA for the Summer

We are pleased to welcome our newest intern, Janya Choudhary. Before heading to Ringling College of Art and Design this fall, the recent Colgan High School graduate will hone her office skills and design sensibilities under the mentorship of Loveless Porter Architects. Our internship program is just one way that we connect with younger generations to nurture their talents and help them to create a foundation for future success. Join us as we get to know this aspiring visual artist a little better…

When you hear “architecture,” what do you think of? I think of India. I really admire the intricate architecture of India and its roots. I find the level of detail in the buildings unbelievable, and it shapes my artwork. In a broader sense, I think of the mathematic and regulatory side of architecture — how the placement of any structure, light fixture, outlet, or window must be calculated to meet building standards. I admire those who work in architecture. They must keep aware of both practical and aesthetic design, as well as what is permitted under building codes. 

What career path do you plan to pursue after school? I’m currently an illustration student. While I am more oriented toward visual development and concept art, I am interested in quite a few forms of illustration, such as medical and promotional. As I work to enter the field of visual development, I hope to experience other types of work too, through internships or my studies. 

What are your goals for your Loveless Porter internship this summer? I am looking to go into a visual development career path, but I find architecture complex and compelling. Visual development requires a large mental library and skillset, so I’d appreciate familiarity with architecture. I am hoping for a glimpse into the process and would like to do studies if possible. 

If you could go anywhere, where would you like to travel? Singapore; I am very much a city girl! I enjoy the hectic, filled environments and public transit of cities. I can’t stand the isolation of more rural areas. Singapore’s a very beautiful place and I am very much attracted to the food options there. 

What are some causes you care about? I care deeply about representation and creating opportunities. As a first generation Indian immigrant, I do not see too many people of my culture in the art field and there can be a lack of resources. I want to broaden the horizons of opportunity so that others like me can be inspired to pursue their art-related passions and understand the process for doing so.

Are you a cat person, or a dog person? I am definitely a cat person. I have two. Cats are lower maintenance and very relatable.

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor? Turkey Hill Party Cake. It was one of the few ice creams available at the grocery store within walking distance at my old apartment, so I grew up eating it and am still obsessed. I haven’t outgrown the childhood phase of loving sugar.