Beyond Design: Understanding the Full Role of an Architect

Architecture is one of those fields that everybody has heard of, but that many people don’t fully understand. While it’s true that architects are the creative force behind building design, our field of expertise extends well beyond that. We also bring technical knowledge, project management and budgeting, procurement, building code familiarity, and even a bit of diplomacy when it’s time to present your project to a government review board or gain the support of neighboring property owners. 

So, when do you need our services? A licensed architect is an asset to any building project that will result in a new structure or fundamentally alter an existing one. Bringing an architect into your construction project early can save you time, money, and heartache: Our understanding of building codes and zoning laws that dictate how (and whether) a project can proceed in a given jurisdiction. That’s why Loveless Porter offers a Pre-Construction Consultation to help clients avoid sites or structures that don’t meet your goals and by preparing you for regulations that will influence how you build. We credit this initial investment to your account if you retain Loveless Porter for your project.

From there, a skilled architect can turn your building goals into visual concepts and construction plans. These can be used to solicit pricing or bids, and we can help you evaluate contractors for bid selection. Loveless Porter is also able to serve as your partner throughout the building process. Having an architect manage your project can ensure that contractors adhere to your approved architectural plans and local building codes, and that they deliver the construction quality you deserve. 

Whether you are building a new home or renovating an existing one, or preparing to launch or expand a business, you have enough on your plate without having to become an overnight expert in building codes and standards. Instead, put Loveless Porter’s decades of collective experience to work for you. We’ve worked on a diverse set of commercial and residential projects across the Mid-Atlantic (Washington, DC; Virginia; Maryland; Delaware; and Pennsylvania) and have expertise in engineering, structural and spatial relationships, sustainable practices, and planning. This knowledge allows us to “speak the language” on job sites, getting ahead of any potential issues and keeping your project on track. 

To learn more about the value an architect could add to your renovation or construction project give us a call at 703-368-1600 or use our contact form to tell us more about your design and building needs.