International Center: Creating Something Out of Nothing

What was once a 44,000 square foot warehouse building off of Jefferson Davis Highway in Woodbridge is now a growing retail space, all thanks to the partnership between building manager Holly Sadeghian and Loveless Porter Architects. Now the space boasts 15 retail units and upstairs offices, with more to come.

“An agency came in and said the warehouse was a tear down – not worth saving,” says Sadeghian. “But I knew this space had the potential to be so much more. We worked closely with Loveless Porter to create a beautiful center for the community to enjoy. Our retail stores sell everything from southern baked goods to Peruvian chicken. There is something here for everyone!”

The Loveless Porter team worked on multiple projects simultaneously, including unique storefront designs to interest and welcome passersby.  “International Center projects created design difficulties in that the building massing and materials were well outdated.  Our goal, when we worked on each individual tenant space, was to create a separate and independent feel and attraction for each use rather than a uniform building look.  It was a fun way to do more than just adding a different style of signage.” says Sean Porter who heads Loveless Porter Architects.

Although the warehouse – now rebranded as International Center – is enjoying new business and community engagement, the space is not quite finished. With the third restaurant on track to open next year and more retail spaces to come, the building will see more growth in the very near future.

Sadeghian is pleased. “Loveless Porter is creating magic at International Center! Without their skills and knowledge of permitting regulations, this would never have been possible. They have been instrumental at every stage of the project, from the stadium lights in the parking lot to the tiniest detail. All my tenants gladly work with them, and I would never hire anyone else.”