Loveless Porter Designs Virginia’s First Sweeto Burritos

Sweeto Burrito at Potomac Festival, designed by Loveless Porter Architects, welcomes its first customer.

Mike Sarago, managing partner of Sarago Group Holdings, didn’t set out to be the person who would bring Sweeto Burrito, which started as a food truck in the oil fields of North Dakota, to all of Virginia. In fact, he had no desire to enter the restaurant business. However, after seeing the eatery featured on an episode of Food Paradise in 2013, Sarago found himself booking a flight to meet the restaurant’s founder.

“I went planning to buy one franchise, and ended up purchasing franchising rights for the entire Commonwealth of Virginia,” said Sarago. As he entered this new territory, Sarago turned to Loveless Porter Architects for consulting, design and construction drawings.

“Sean Porter was hands on and very knowledgeable about this market. Sean really took the time out to help us understand building codes and permitting. He was instrumental in getting us through the process,” explained Sarago.

Now, Northern Virginia has Sweeto Burritos at Potomac Festival and Staples Mill Plaza in Woodbridge, and another opening at Dillingham Square in Lake Ridge in April. Menu options range from more traditional, Mexican-style street tacos to burritos stuffed with creative ingredients such as tater tots, tempura-battered chicken strips, onion rings and even cheesecake.

Sarago said that the decor is also different than many chain restaurants. “It has a warmer feel. I worked with Loveless Porter to come at the design from a customer perspective, to enhance their experience,” he explained. “Sean was able to see what we had and where we were going. Customers will enjoy the food and the atmosphere that we have created for them.”

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